departmental Delegates aid, manual National Education> DIF training and research> training DIF, the individual right to education. I propose a mind map posing various points raised by the implementation of the DIF and experience. Here is the link to the texts governing the DIF: …

Add new comment Read more 2 attachments Congress Strasbourg 2009 – workshop “Pikler-Loczy” By Muriel Quoniam the 27/08/09 – 11:37 In: Gr. Kindergarten realized Congress Education Training and research> knowledge of the child Add a comment Read more assessment without Note: towards a change in professional practices of teachers by Francois Le Menaheze on 08/07/16 – 1:46 p.m. in: thesis, dissertation Training and research> research> teaching techniques educational sciences> Research Master 2 assessment that tries to make an overview of the current state of the evaluation including assessment-rating.

It aims to study the correlations between evaluation practices without using the notation and change professional practices of teachers. Add a comment Read more 2 attachments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 next> last do my math homework for me
Results 1 to 10 from 29 Results Freinet pedagogy and democratic participation of children in decisions (conference ESPE Nice) by Jean Le Gal on 29/03/16 – 10:41 In: Gr Rights of the Child Rights. > children’s rights teaching principles> rights of the child the dramatic events we are experiencing since January 2015 sparked debates about citizenship, democratic values, the conditions of living together, free expression, the conflicting relationship between civil liberties and security, democracy.

Education for participatory citizenship through practice again became a priority. But in 1923, Freinet affirmed that “The statement of the rights and duties of the individual in the community is not enough: it is the social practice to be developed so that man knows later behave freely in various occasions of his life. “. Let us wait a long time for the children to really participate with adults in decisions that affect them and thus be and become free citizens, active and responsible?

Jean Le Gal 1 comment Read more 1 attachment democratic participation in decisions and scale of participation by the Claude Beaunis 21/05/15 – 11:51 In: rights> children’s rights pedagogical principles> Children’s Rights “participation is a fundamental right of citizens and children are citizens,” says the Council of Europe. But what does “participate in decision making?” “What about the levels of participation in participatory democratic experiences in the city and in educational institutions”?

The answers to these questions determine the place and the power given to children in the city, family, school, leisure areas … Jean Le Gal gives us some things to look for. Add a comment Read more 1 attachment The rights of children in the educational structures by Jean Le Gal on 06/03/15 – 24:08 In: Gr.

Child Rights Rights> Children’s Rights Principles learning> rights of the child tHE rIGHTS rECOGNIZED fOR cHILDREN iN eDUCATIONAL FACILITIES [1] Jean Le Gal Add comment more Charter of child in: reference text Congress rights> rights of the child the Educator CEL for teachers review educational principles> rights of the child in April 1957 Congress submits to government, educational organizations, Parents’ Associations and UN.ESCO a draft CHARTER oF CHILD he calls for the official publication for the study of a Charter that will complement the 1789 Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen and the Universal Declaration of the UN Human Rights More Charter of Rights of the Child in cooperative class By Sylvain Connac 05/08/09 – 10:15 In: GD 34 – Herault rights> children’s rights Life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> child rights Add new comment Read more 1 attachment freedom and authority and discipline in Freinet: rights> rights of the child rights Society> Building teaching violence Eastern edited by a Departmental Group to teachers review instructional techniques> class organization> authority / disciplinary pedagogical principles> educational Principles child rights> cooperation> rules of life Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet pedagogy teaching techniques> class organization> life of the class in May 2003 Author: Jean Le Gal more the New Educator No. 19 in: rights> rights of the child an official text The official instructions International Educator New PEMF For teachers review> Summary School organization> architecture school educational principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> Child Rights Movements> Freinet movement> Vence school teaching techniques> class organization > class transplanted teaching Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> school museum in May 1990 Senegal, school architecture school in Vence, school museum Authors: Andre Mathieu, Brigitte Grande, Eric Debarbieux Francoise Cabioch, Henry Porter, Jean Le Gal and Michel Bonnetier Read more It’s your fault, you’re doing it every whim in: rights> children’s rights the Educator for teachers review educational principles> rights of the child in March 1988 Author: Francois Easter more Education for human rights in: rights> rights e man’s Educator For teachers review educational principles> Rights of the Child in March 1988 Author: Jean Le Gal More Freinet Pedagogy In one class, the citizen child every day In: Rights> rights children educational Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching Principles> Principles educational cooperation> cooperation> Caring pedagogical principles> educational Principles child rights> term-creation pedagogical techniques> classroom organization> life class November 2003 Author: CPE Read more 1 2 3 next> last »
1 result Results Defense and Citizenship In: Geo Philosophy Sociology May 2008 citizen-state relationship he passes by the army?

What is the role of citizens in national defense? This BT2 addresses this question and many others in France and other countries. BT2 N10 Defense and Citizenship document.pdf Authors: Site BT2 ICEM and Maurice Andre Read more 1 attachment
Results 1 to 10 from 30 Results Manifesto against European migration policies – RIDEF 2018 Ljungskile (Sweden) By Leonardo Leo on 09/02/19 – 9:02 p.m. In: International Gr making international RIDEF position Movements of MANIFESTO.

350 educators from 27 countries gathered at the 32th International Meeting of Freinet educators (RIDEF) in Ljungskile in Sweden over the last fifteen years, an “atomic bomb” was deployed in the Mediterranean: 34 361 victims to date, including many children . 1 comment Read more 1 attachment International Biennial of New Education – Report By Catherine Chabrun on 04/15/18 – 9:34 In: news Movements Meeting Education First International Biennial of the New Education (WELL) took place at the ESEN-ESR in Poitiers 2 to 5 November 2017 with this goal: to active education, pedagogy, the heart of a collective space for reflection, sharing of experiences and exchanges . answering three intentions: – share the fundamentals of the New Education – share our practices – and discuss together Add Comment Read more Meeting of Delegates in November 2016 Departmental By Agnes Ciarapica on 10/12/16 – 7:42 p.m. In: Gr . report departmental Delegates Meeting Movements> Freinet movement> WEEKEND departmental group of SD 5 and 6 November 2016 Lois Notes GD 34 Add comment Read more Elsa software by Catherine Chabrun on 03/01/17 – 07 51 in: Gr New Educator news a French software> reading-Writing> literature Movements> educational movement reading Practice scholarly – French reading Association (AFL) – License. 10 € Add a comment Read more 1 attachment Freinet and the popular Front By Catherine Chabrun on 08/10/16 – 6:10 In: Gr news archive a book Movements> Freinet movement> C.